Purple Haze Farmlet


Lukas and Gabriela, both born and bred in Czech Republic, came to New Zealand in 2000 as a backpackers with pair of jeans, couple T-shirts and a bit of pocket money to spend - and they never left!

As they both shared passion for farming and both studied agricultural university in Czech Republic, they found New Zealand as a perfect place to live.

After six years of working on dairy farms they turned their interest into more specialized carrier. At present they both work as a artificial breeding and pregnancy diagnosis technicians in beef and dairy cattle.

Lukas is keen fisherman, diver and hunter - he simply turned into real Southern man.

Gabriela loves work with young animals, especially calves, she spends every spring in calf shed. She is enthusiast gardener, breeds silkie poultry and is also responsible for creating this website.

Latest addition to thfamily is Sebastian - pure joy!