Purple Haze Farmlet


Welcome to my page that features my various feathered friends and services which I offer.  

I am a hobby silkie breeder and I hatch, raise and breed my beautiful silkies who always bring a smile to my face.

I breed as a hobby so I will never have a large quantity of birds for sale at one time. I do sell hatching eggs, chicks that I have hatched and on occasion adult birds. Please check out my for sale page. I have white, golden, cuckoo and splash silkies.

Thanks to Lukas, my partner, I have a large breeding facilities, where the breeding groups are allowed to be out on the fresh grass enjoying the sun or shelter of hazelnut trees. 

All of my silkies have beautiful qualities that you can potentially win shows with!  

Fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk, the breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin, flesh, and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot.

Silkies are well known for their calm, friendly temperament. Among the most docile of poultry, Silkies are considered an ideal pet. Hens are also exceptionally broody and make good mothers.

For more check out our for sale page and silkie photogallery.